All cops are fags - don`t trust them!
Kill`em all

Where`s Your Brain?
Homo Sex Rules - All Cops Are Fags
We Are the Stars
I Hate

Where`s Your Brain?

You only think about of getting drunk
You booze away your salary in a day
And then you live on the others backs
`til payday comes and you get drunk again
Where`s your brain, use your mind
What will become of you, do you know?
You`re a burden on other people`s neck
But you don`t understand it - you softbrain ... brainwashed mind

Homo Sex Rules - All Cops Are Fags

Half of the people are fags
If you don`t believe me just take a look around
There`s always one in every corner
Who`d like to fuck you in your ass
Homo sex rules - disgusting
Homo sex rules - obscene
Homo sex rules - perverse
Homo sex rules - ööö...
High positions dealed by what?
Are you fag or not?
No hope for brighter future
Unless you won`t let yourself get fucked
All cops they`re fags too
Looking for a reason to fuck you
You have got no choice
You`ll have to accept - homo sex rules


You slinking all days in the streets and
Looking for the fuckin` victim
If you find him your eyes will be burning
Feel like comeing younger hundred years
Murderer - fuck off you asshole
Murderer - you fucking cunt
Murderer you abnormal-brainwashed mind
I hate assholes just like you
It would be better if you`ll be killed
It would be better to all mankind

We Are the Stars

We are the stars
You must listen to us
If you want to be in

I Hate

I hate assholes
I hate murders
I hate killers
I hate bastards
I hate terrorists
Fuck off police
Fuck off soldiers
I hate you


Toas rippus nöör, ta otsas oli silmus
tuli tuul, pani nööri liikuma
siis üks võõras mees sinna tuppa ilmus
pea pani silmusesse, hakkas kiikuma
Toas aken oli lahti ja tuul puhus
laelamp kiikus tuule käes
ma vaatasin lakke nii pahuras tujus
mul lambi pärast oli kade meel
Ma võtsin nööri ja sidusin lakke
nüüd minagi kiigun tuule käes
ei ole ma kade ja ära kahtle
tule sinagi kiigu tuule käes